Sena Updates

All Sena Updates series devices can now talk via the Bluetooth intercom and at the same time listen to an additional audio source, such as music or GPS. Previously, users had to manually switch between Bluetooth intercom mode and the other audio source.

In order for the Sena device to use audio multitasking with other Sena Bluetooth headsets, the corresponding Bluetooth headsets must also be updated to the latest firmware. The following products now support Sena Latest Update audio multitasking.

Sena Updates
Sena Software Update

Sena Software Update

It is possible to update the firmware of all SENA software updates. Sounds good, but what does it mean? When you purchased your SENA device, both the device itself and the operating software installed on it were updated and improved with little effort at the time. The first version may have had minor bugs. No problem. By installing updated firmware on your SENA software, you can correct any errors in previous versions and, if necessary, get new features on your device that were not even possible at the time of purchase.

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Sena Software Download

You have your sena software (or any other Sena bluetooth communicator), the included USB cable, and access to a computer. Don't connect anything yet. The module must be completely powered off, with the cable disconnected from all ports.

Let's download SENA software from Sena first. The location of said software is unclear on their website. Once the update application is installed and it hasn't linked anything yet, go ahead and open the app itself. You will see a message somewhere that says "no device detected". Ignore it, as it's just a precursor to the step-by-step instructions we'll be using. Now that the app is up and running, leave that alone. We try to avoid any occasion for insect bites. Without turning it on, first connect the USB cable to the module and then to the computer as if you want to charge it without it working. Once you see it charging, turn it on as you normally would and, in the case of the sena firmware download, look for a blinking blue / purple combo light. This should make the communicator and USB ports "discoverable" by the Sena software download.

Sena firmware updates

Sena Firmware Updates Impulse delivers an unprecedented audio experience with SOUND BY Harman Kardon. Both the speakers and microphone were crafted with Harman Kardon's audio experts to deliver world-class sound in this motorcycle helmet. The Impulse's interior design has been optimised by Sena to provide soft acoustic damping for the SOUND BY Harman Kardon speakers. Precisely placed premium speakers and an acoustic interior design paired with the all-new microphone ensure the Impulse delivers an unrivalled riding experience on the bike. The speakers send crystal clear sound to the rider's ears, while the microphone, with a newly developed sensor, offers robust performance for voice communication while driving.
Impulse is equipped with Intercom SENA firmware and Bluetooth platforms, which allow users to connect to any Sena headset for communication with the rider. Mesh Intercom provides robust and reliable connections and flexible routing of intercom messages with significant improvements to Sena's Mesh algorithm. Mesh offers an unprecedented level of intercom audio quality with two Mesh settings, Open Mesh Multi-channel Intercom and Group SENA firmware download.

How to update sena firmware


Run the Sena Bluetooth Device Manager from your computer. Make sure Device Manager is the latest version.


On the WELCOME screen, press the NEXT button.


Follow the prompts to identify the headset, then press the NEXT button.


When asked if a new firmware version is available, download it to your computer and the headset will be updated.


When finished, press the NEW DEVICE button and reset the headset to factory settings (refer to the user manual) and pair the Sena product with the Bluetooth device again.

Sena Contact Support

Our Sena Contact Support team is always ready to help you with SENA software. We also help you get the latest services and software updates. The team will help you get the lifetime update and will also help you purchase the latest versions of Sena. We also help clear up any confusion about card purchases and services. As a company, we provide the best services and support to our users. We recommend that you get lifetime updates as it takes the stress out of driving. Updating your device is a simple process, just follow the given steps and you will soon be guided with an SENA updated software.

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